CEO and Founder: Danny Alex

Message from CEO


Danny Alex is the CEO and founder of BRAVADA International Ltd. and takes on the most prominent roles within the Company.  He founded BRAVADA International in 2007 and has been the single most active Officer of the Company since its inception.  Early in 2008, Mr. Alex took the role of CEO as the senior operational person at the company.

Mr. Alex has been an entrepreneur since he opened his first business when he was 19 years old and by the time he was 28, owned and operated numerous retail orientated businesses such as a restaurant, tanning salon, marketing firm and more and a telecommunications company that he took public in 1995.    

  1. CEO Revere Communications Inc: Founded December 1995 - 1998 
    • Mr. Alex Founded Revere Communications in December of 1995 after a his private telecommunications company went public on the Alberta Stock Exchange and later acquire a PBX Voice company out of Vancouver (Now the Toronto Venture Exchange).  Mr. Alex was CEO until 1997 and Chairman of the board till 1998.
  2. Economic Analyst / Licensed Professional Trader: 1999 - 2006 - Union Securities
    • Mr. Alex performed as a licensed level 3 professional trader from a proprietary account at Union Securities and provided economic, technical and fundamental analysis on the economy, stocks and commodities to firm brokers.
  3. Market Maker (NYSE & NASDAQ): 2000 - 2006 - ARCA - Island - Instinet - Sponsoring Firm Union Securities
    • Engaged as a licensed Level 3 Market Maker on ARCA, Island and Instinet.
  4. Licensed Options and Futures Pro Trader: 2000 - 2006 - Union Securities   
    • Engaged as a licensed options and futures trader on NYSE and NASDAQ using various strategies given the prevailing disposition of the markets.
  5. CEO BRAVADA International Ltd (CelebDirect / Muscle Flex)
    • Founder and CEO - See below for details


As founder, President and CEO of BRAVADA International, Mr. Alex takes on the traditional roles of CEO and President and engages in all of the technical, marketing and product / inventory operations the company from website development and coding to inventory management.


    • All website CSS and HTML UI coding from initial design and development
    • All Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all of the company's websites
    • All Photoshop and graphics for all websites
    • All content development from written text to images, marketing and user information
    • Ongoing website maintenance and enhancement
    • Email marketing and email list management
    • Computer networking
    • Deploy technical enhancements; Google algorithm, Ecommerce, technical design 
    • Maintain current knowledge of technology landscape and developments
    • All Technical enhancements from Google algorithm changes, future Ecommerce trends and technical design


    • Vision and Corporate Mission
    • Strategic direction for the company
    • Press releases and corporate communication
    • Staff hiring and employee manual and handbooks
    • Disclosure Statements and Corporate Reporting
    • Legal matters and compliance
    • Create an environment that promotes great performance and positive morale
    • Oversee company’s fiscal activity, budgeting, reporting, and auditing.
    • Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations
    • Over see day-to-day operation of the company


    • Product Planning and future website expansion
    • Advertising and Google Adwords
    • Fulfillment processes and shipping logistics 
    • All product purchases including sourcing and product selection
    • Inventory management and warehouse operations
    • Cost and operational synergies
    • Merging technology with real world operations

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